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Ignite provides comprehensive financial planning for working professionals and growing families. We primarily serve clients in the medical and tech fields. Areas of expertise include building long-term investment portfolios, life goal planning, tax reduction strategies, employee stock options & stock grants, student loan repayment strategies, and homebuying guidance.  

Our financial planning mission is to empower you and change your life for the better.  Planned or not, your finances will play a significant role in your life. We believe with the right guidance, your financial resources can be tools to help you reach your life's goals. 


We begin with a complimentary meeting. This gives us a chance to get to know each other, learn about your goals, and determine if we’re a good fit working together.


While based in Seattle, we can work with clients on a virtual basis throughout the country.

Millennials - Ignite Financial Planning


Riley Poppy CFP - Ignite Financial Planning

Riley Poppy, CFP®, CSLP®, BFA™, CTS™

Founder & Financial Planner

I am a Certified Financial Planner™, Certified Student Loan Professional™, Behavioral Financial Advisor™, and Certified Tax Specialist™. I received my degree in Finance from the University of Washington and my financial planning education from Northwestern University. 


I am very active in the financial planning community. I provide pro-bono financial planning to a few low-income families due to Covid-19, serve as a CFP Board Mentor, and participate on the Seattle Children’s Financial Advisory Committee.


In my free time, I enjoy following the Washington Huskies and playing tennis with friends and family.


Have questions? Feel free to fill out the contact form HERE.

Clara Bright's Headshot (Ignite).jpg

Clara Bright

Financial Planning Operations & Paraplanner

My roles with Ignite include new client onboarding, investment account set-up, and all of the other behind-the-scenes work in making sure clients' goals become a reality. I am currently working on obtaining my Enrolled Agent license from the IRS in order to assist clients with tax preparation. I am also enrolled in The American College of Financial Services with the goal of becoming a Certified Financial Planner™. 


I attended the University of Kentucky and received a BS in Anthropology with a dual concentration in both cultural and medical anthropology. In my free time, I love learning new languages. I am currently learning American Sign Language.

  • How are you different than a bank or larger firm?
    A financial planner at a large wealth management firm or bank typically has a thousand or more clients. Due to this, they do not have the ability to create custom plans or provide comprehensive advice around tax planning, insurance, your employee benefits, and many more areas. At Ignite Financial Planning, you are not a number. We know you, your family, and your most cherished financial goals. Since we only take on a select number of clients per year, we are able to cover many more areas of financial planning, meet more frequently, and provide advice for life.
  • Why should I hire you instead of doing this myself?
    Many people believe they are hiring a financial planner to help them invest. A good financial planner is at times a guide, a teammate, a confidant, and most importantly, someone who will listen and genuinely try to help. Financial planning should be personal and customized. It is built upon your values, goals, and life experiences. It is more than your investments, your insurance policies, and your monthly budget.
  • What is the CFP® Designation?
    The CFP® designation is the gold standard in financial planning. Most consumers believe that all financial planners are "certified," but this isn't true. Only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals are rigorously trained in 72 areas of financial expertise and must accrue thousands of hours of experience prior to earning their certification. With a CFP® professional, you get a financial planner partner committed to working in your best interest and the confidence that comes with building a comprehensive plan.– See more at the CFP Board'swebsite.
  • What is your investment philosophy?
    We believe all successful investing is goal-focused and planning-driven, not market or reaction-driven. We do not attempt to time the market, pick stocks, make forecasts, or other predictions. Instead, we emphasize focusing on the items within our control: global diversification, managing behavior during market downturns, and tax efficiencies. We also aim to apply robust academic research to our process by incorporating various factors of returns. Learn more here.
  • Do you have a minimum portfolio requirement?
    Our services are designed for individuals and families who have accumulated at least $250,000 in investment assets. This may include employer retirement plans, individual retirement accounts, or other investment accounts.
  • What are your other certifications - CSLP®, BFA™, and CTS™?"
    CSLP® = Certified Student Loan Professional The CSLP Program is the most comprehensive training tool for financial planners who focus on student loan advising. CSLP certificants are able to accurately advise clients about student loan repayment within the scope of their financial goals. BFA™ = Behavioral Financial Advisor This certification program teaches techniques in behavioral coaching and goal development. It provides a holistic approach to strengthen the advisor-client relationship by better understanding emotions and behavior around money. CTS™ = Certified Tax Specialist This graduate-level certification is conferred upon candidates who complete an educational program focusing on personal income taxes and methods to reduce tax liability. This program is designed for financial planners who have clients interested in maximizing their after-tax returns as well as reducing their overall tax liability. Certificate in Blockchain and Digital Assets® This professional certificate created by the Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals provides financial planners with the tools and knowledge to serve clients who are curious about bitcoin, blockchain and digital assets. Psychology of Financial Planning Specialist This professional program equips financial planners with knowledge and tools to better understand, engage, and serve clients. It includes techniques designed to understand clients Money Behaviors, Money Beliefs, and helps clients take action to achieve their goals.
  • Who is your typical client?
    Our typical client is a busy & growing family looking to build a long-term relationship with a financial planner. We enjoy playing an integral role in our clients' lives as they accumulate wealth, achieve their goals, and progress further into their careers.
  • Are my investment assets secure?
    Yes. Client investments are held at Charles Schwab, a trusted and well-established custodian bank. Charles Schwab is insured by the SIPC for up to $500,000 per account type and are protected against losses resulting from the failure of a broker-dealer. An explanatory brochure is available at the SIPC website.


We have intentionally limited the size of our firm to ensure that every client receives the very highest level of personalized service. Despite our small size, we maintain a network of professionals whose knowledge and experience rivals that of the largest firms. 












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